After registration every user need to activate their account by clicking the validation mail in their registered email. If you are not getting the validation mail after registration, to validate your account click CONTACT page and give a request  with your email address by mentioning your username. You will be activated within 24 hours.

1. How to Upload photos / images for the posting you make?

There is a ROSE color box with a title of CLICK OR DROP FOR UPLOAD IMAGES. If you click it you shall upload upto 3 photos related to your post. Click it and add files. you shall also Drag and Drop from your PC or from any of your devices image folder.

2. How to change profile picture?

This function is not enabled now and may be enabled on happy new year.

3. How to edit what i have posted. ?

Yes you may need to add more information or to remove old information, you can modify it .  To edit your posting  just Login  and go to MY ACCOUNT in top right corner and click it. You can see the posting you made.  Click that posting. In left top corner of the posting you find EDIT ITEM. Click it,  You can now edit it and after completion of editing you  need to click UPDATE button in bottom to  get your info published.

5. For how long this service will be free?

This service will be free for ever as this is sponsored by a AOS as their marketing platform.

You shall write to 

info [at] allastro[dot] in

 or through the contact page.